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The Wisconsin law firm of Hoff & Panzer is located at 600 East Northland Avenue, Suite #1, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911, a map to their office and directions can be found here.

Attorney Alan Hoff

Attorney Alan HoffAttorney Alan Hoff focuses on divorce, family law, child custody, child support, property division, family maintenance, paternity, real estate sales, purchases and closings, recovery from losses due to accidents, and personal injury lawsuits.

Attorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer

Attorney Elizabeth Ryan PanzerAttorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer focuses on divorce, legal separation, child custody, placement, interstate disputes, child support, spousal support, paternity, guardianships, restraining orders, grandparent's rights, and modifications of judgments, as well as probate matters.

Attorney Heather M. Jansen

Attorney Heather M. JansenAttorney Heather M. Jansen focuses on Family Law, Divorce, Annulments, Legal Separation, Child Custody, Physical Placement, Child & Spousal Support, Property Division, Guardianship, Paternity, Real Estate, Wills, and Probate matters.


Divorce Wisconsin LawyersDivorce is the dissolution of a marriage.

Wisconsin has particular laws affecting property, property settlement and tax consequences. The family law attorneys at Hoff & Panzer handle every type of divorce process.

Under Wisconsin law, divorce options include legal separation, annulment, divorce, stipulated divorce, contested divorce, uncontested divorce and mediation.

Marital property agreements and marital settlement agreements involve the property acquired before and during the marriage.

Post Divorce Actions - Court Order Modifications

Post divorce actions include modifications of the Court's orders.

child custody & Grandparents visitation

Child CustodyChild custody issues must be included in all divorce decrees for divorces involving a child or children.

Support includes child support and family maintenance, aka alimony.

Wisconsin laws on Grandparents Visitation Rights have recently changed. If a dispute exists regarding visitation, a Court can order visitation for Great Grandparents, Grandparents and Stepparents, as well as other family and non-family members.


Probate matters include settling a person's estate after they pass away.

Personal Injury

Personal injury laws, recovery from losses due to accidentsPersonal Injury lawsuits are civil actions filed to force an insurance company to pay a person whom has been harmed for injuries, including medical expenses, loss of ability to work, loss of use of arms or legs, and other expenses.

real estate

Real Estate Laws, Real Estate Closings, Real Estate PurchasesReal Estate sales, purchases, and closings can be handled by an attorney at Hoff & Panzer much more economically than a broker; see also Real Estate Closing Costs.

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