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Child support and family maintenance are monies paid by one party to the other, usually through the state fund in charge of monitoring and enforcing support under the Department of Workforce Development. Some of the Child Support agencies in the counties where the attorneys at Hoff & Panzer most frequently appear are listed to the left.

Attorney Alan Hoff, Attorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer and Attorney Heather Jansen help clients with original Court orders of support (or maintenance) as well as petitions to the Courts for modification of a prior Court order.

child support

Child support can be ordered by a court regardless of whether the parents were ever married. Child support is intended to help with the costs involved in providing a home for a child and meeting that child's basic needs. In most instances, support is ordered or expected to be under the jurisdiction of the court until the child reaches 18 years of age, or graduates from high school, whichever occurs last. Child support orders can be extended beyond those two criteria, but you should consult with your attorney regarding all child support motions and modifications.

Under Wisconsin laws, child support is determined by a standardized formula in most cases. A Court may order support differently than provided in the formulaes, particularly if the person paying support has income that varies, such as seasonal income.

Child support is always calculated according to the amount of money the person paying support is expected to earn. If the paying parent is unemployed at the time that support is set, the Court expects the payor to find a job and pay support.

family maintenance

Family maintenance is court ordered, and provides financial support.

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