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The attorneys at Hoff & Panzer LLP Law Offices represent parties who are buying and selling real estate. They assist people with making (or accepting) real estate offers, and with each step throughout the real estate purchase process including the closing.

Attorney Alan Hoff represents people in many Real Estate matters.

Real Estate Sales & Purchases

Discounted real estate closing costs

Save thousands of dollars on real estate closing costs! Have you researched how much you will need to pay in closing costs at the closing meeting in the purchase or sale of your home? It will be thousands if you use a real estate agent. By hiring an attorney, you'll save thousands of dollars, and have the assurance that a lawyer reviewed and prepared the documents pertinent to the largest investment most people make in their lives - their homes.

Save your real estate commissions

Save thousands of dollars at closing! A tremendous savings is realized by avoiding the payment of real estate commissions at closing when you hire an attorney to handle the purchase or sale and closing. The reduced real estate broker fees are like getting a discount if you expected to pay them.

FSBO legal protection

For Sale by Owners (FSBO) save money & protect their legal rights! People who are selling their homes - often referred to as 'For Sale By Owner' - benefit by hiring a lawyer before they put their homes on the market. A real estate attorney can help you properly prepare your sales agreements, and avoid future problems.

No buyer real estate commissions

Buyers save thousands by avoiding paying real estate commissions to agents at closing! People who are buying a home also benefit by hiring a lawyer to handle the purchase and closing, particularly in real estate closing costs.

Real estate in divorce actions

Attorney Alan Hoff & Attorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer also handle real estate matters that are part and parcel a divorce, such as a change in the deed that titles the property that is the subject of a divorce.

Real Estate Litigation

Protect your investment! If you didn't have a lawyer to represent you when you purchased your property, and you later learn of an encumbrance, a real estate lawyer who is experienced in litigation is needed to negotiate through the process of remedying the situation. In some cases, you may need to file a lawsuit, or you may be sued; a real estate litigation attorney understands the law and how it will affect you, which protects you and your rights from the beginning. It is also important to remember that real estate agents and brokers, or other non-legal real estate service companies, are seldom insured to protect you and your rights in a real estate deal gone bad.

real estate titles

Through their affiliation with Fox Cities Title Company, the attorneys at Alan Hoff Law Offices are able to process the title to your property quickly and easily.

Free initial consultation

The attorneys at Hoff & Panzer's law offices offer a free initial consultation. Please call (920-749-2002) today to schedule a meeting with one of the attorneys, or to speak with an available attorney on the phone.

For more information about how the attorneys at Hoff & Panzer LLP Law Offices can help you save money and protect your rights in real estate transactions, please contact them for a free initial consultation.

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