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Attorney Alan Hoff, Attorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer and Attorney Heather Jansen primarily focus their law practices in the area of Family Law, which usually involves a divorce, paternity, custody of minor children, parenting plans, visitation schedules, child support, and maintenance

Whether you and your spouse have resolved all of the issues and seek the legal assistance of a divorce lawyer to ensure that all of the paperwork properly protects the rights of the divorcing couple and their children (an uncontested or stipulated divorce), or you seek a cooperative divorce, or your spouse and you cannot agree on the important legal matters and need an aggressive divorce attorney to litigate your divorce at trial, the attorneys at Hoff & Panzer can help.

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Attorney Alan Hoff, Attorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer and Attorney Heather Jansen represent people in every type of family law matter including divorce, child custody, child or spousal support, paternity rights, modifications to previous judgments (divorce, custody, support), simple estate planning, last will and testament, living will, Power of Attorney, medical directives, and probate matters. These attorneys also help families with their real estate sales, purchases, closings and transactions.

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Combined, Attorney Alan Hoff, Attorney Elizabeth Ryan-Panzer and Attorney Heather Jansen have practiced law for more than thirty years. During that time, they have handled nearly every type of family law matter from simple wills to very complex divorces involving several businesses and multiples of residential real estate and stock holdings.

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The attorneys invite you to contact them if you contemplating filing for divorce, seeking custody of your minor child or children or a change of the Court's previous orders, or if you have a family law matter that you wish to address, such as a living will or last will and testament. The attorneys offer a free initial consultation.

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